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国外配送について International Shipping

1.How to Place an Order

  • We accept orders from overseas only by email.
  • Please send email with following information to “”
    【order information】
     ・name of items
     ・color of items
     ・size of itesm
     ・qty of items
     ・price of items
     ・email address (PayPal bill notification will be sent to this email address)

     【receiver information】
     ・name of person
     ・address and zip code
     ・phone number

2.Methods of Payment

  • We accept only PayPal for international payment transaction.
  • You will receive an e-mail regarding the payment via PayPal.
  • Please click the link to the PayPal website on the e-mail, and settle the payment within 7 days.
  • Please also be reminded that if we cannot confirm receipt of your payment to our PayPal account7days after the above e-mail is sent, your order shall be automatically cancelled.
  • The amount of payment
    [1.product price] + [2.shipping cost (EMS Rate schedule)] 
    EMS Rate schedule

3.Shipment of Products

  • International delivery is shipped by EMS.
    (We are afraid you cannot choose a courier company.)
  • Your order will be shipped out within 3〜4 business days after we confirm our receipt of the total amount.
  • An EMS tracking number is written in the email, so if you enter that number from your country or region's EMS home page, you can check up on the shipping status of your package.
    (Some customers may not be able to use this service.)
    Confirmation of Outbound EMS Mail

  • You can confirm EMS delivery information from the homepages of overseas post offices.
    In some cases information may be reflected earlier, so feel free to make good use of these links.


  • The expected arrival period can vary based on EMS shipping conditions and the destination country. Delivery slowdowns may also occur in certain regions due to disaster, terrorism, or other causes.
  • If your package gets stopped at customs, please contact your country's customs office directly. (There are products that may be undeliverable to you based on your country's customs laws.)
  • Return and exchange are not acceptable for international shippings. We do not accept the return and exchange according to your convenience and for any reasons. In case the item is shipped back to Japan due to imposibility to deliver, carriage for teturn will be charged to you.
  • When the product you purchased passes through the customs of the destination country and region, it may be subject to tariffs, import duties, and customs fees. The purchaser is liable for such fees. Please pay the shipper directly upon delivery. Note that the policies for tariffs and customs fees differ in each country and region. Please inquire with the government of the destination country and region for details.
  • Neither Dinos nor the post office will refund shipping fees if a product is seized or returned due to local import bans or restrictions, such as the case of items prohibited from import. Please check with the local customs authorities before placing your order. You are responsible for any fees for confiscation or returns by the local authorities.
  • Price listings include 8% Japanese consumption tax. Please note that international shipments are not exempt from consumption tax.


  • 海外からのご注文は、emailにて承ります。
  • 以下の内容を英語でご記入の上、info@greenangle.jpまでご連絡ください。
    【order information】
     ・name of items
     ・color of items
     ・size of itesm
     ・qty of items
     ・price of items
     ・email address (PayPal bill notification will be sent to this email address)

     【receiver information】
     ・name of person
     ・address and zip code
     ・phone number


  • 決済方法はPaypalに限ります。
  • ご注文を頂きましたら、2〜3営業日以内にPayPalに関するメールをお送りします。
  • メール上のリンクからPayPalウェブサイトにアクセスし、7日以内にお支払をお願いいたします。
  • お支払い期限内にお支払が確認できない場合はキャンセルとさせていただきます。
  • ・お支払額について The amount of payment
    [1.商品代金] + [2.送料(地域別EMS送料)] 


  • 海外配送はEMSで発送します。
  • 配送会社の指定はできません。
  • お支払い確認後3〜4日程度でEMSにて商品を発送いたします。
  • お届け目安期間はEMS配送状況やお届け国により前後する場合がございます。
  • また災害、テロ等により特定の地域で荷物遅延が起こる場合がございます。
  • メールにはEMSお問い合せ番号を記載しておりますので、
  • 商品が通関で止まってしまった場合は、お客様の国の関税局に直接お問い合わせください。
  • (お客様の国の関税法によりお届けできない商品もございます。)


  • 海外発送での返品交換は、お受け出来ません。
  • また、万が一お受け取り不可にて商品が弊社に戻ってきた場合は、返送にかかった料金を請求させて頂きます。
  • 購入した商品に対し、お受け取り国や地域での通関時に関税やその他の輸入税、および通関手数料が課せられる場合がございます。
  • 輸入禁制品等、現地側での輸入禁止・制限による没収、差し戻し等に関しましては、当社および郵便局では賠償はされません。
  • 表示価格は、日本の消費税(8%)込の価格で表示しております。また海外発送の際に免税はいたしません。あらかじめご了承ください。